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About Xinjin

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History: Incorporated in 1999, we have quickly established ourselves as the market leader in fine chemicals and APIs. Cooperating with China Pharmaceutical University and Peking Union Medical College, we have developed more than 30 kinds APIs and intermediates with their technological capability, most of which are now in quantity production. We diversified our business to plant extracts in 2004 and have built close relationships and permanent contacts with manufacturers, expanding our strength in market sourcing.

Specialty: We are specialized in research and production of pyridine series, pyrrolidine series, imidazole series, APIs, and fine chemicals. We have close cooperation with China Pharmaceutical University and Peking Union Medical College. We also can help find contract manufacturer for our customers.

Ideals: Innovative in our technology; making progress together with our customers

Goal:Try every effort to be the first class supplier of yours


About Us

Established in 1999, formerly known as Changzhou Xinjin Chemical Co., Ltd., quickly established its position in the market of fine chemicals, raw materials and intermediates.

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