• (1S,2R)-1-(叔丁氧羰基氨基)-2-乙烯基环丙烷羧酸.jpg
  • (1S,2R)-1-(叔丁氧羰基氨基)-2-乙烯基环丙烷羧酸-2.jpg

(1S,2R)-1-(Tert-Butoxycarbonylamino)-2- Vinylcyclopropanecarboxylic Acid

Class white to white solid powder


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Class white to white solid powder

Continuous technical cooperation with many domestic institutions of higher learning, engaged in the development and production of APIs and related intermediates, has successfully developed more than 30 varieties of APIs and intermediates.

Focus on the development, production and sales of raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and fine chemicals, and cooperate with many institutions such as China Pharmaceutical University and the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology of China Union Medical University to obtain their technical support and consolidate Our technical strength has great advantages in special pyridines, indoles, imidazoles, raw materials and some fine chemicals, can meet customer customization requirements within the scope of technology.



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Class white to white solid powder


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Established in 1999, formerly known as Changzhou Xinjin Chemical Co., Ltd., quickly established its position in the market of fine chemicals, raw materials and intermediates.

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